Trek through the Crypts

Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since the party were forced to kill the members of the Elukin Watch’s prison in an attempt to bust a man out of prison for the old thieves guild of Elukin, Boxer, to aid in the ongoing feud between the new and old guilds of the city. Two weeks of hiding in a safe house, an old dilapidated building covered in moss and spores filling the air, located in the old slums, locally called the “Beggar’s Nest.” Pan, the contact the group has in the old guild, has been moving around the area, keeping an eye on the wanted men and women, to cover his own hide as much as there, and occasionally coming inside to make a few plans with Boxer and the rest of the group. Finally, at the last day of the two weeks, Pan runs inside the building, grin on his face, and map of the city in hand.

After bribing an old priest of Pelor, Pan learned that there is a system of catacombs and crypts that run underneath the lake and has a secret exit on the other side. In case of a city wide emergency, the head caretaker, Brother Desmond, is trained to move through the catacombs, evacuating refugees with the blessing of Pelor. Otherwise, the tombs are filled with the undead.

The second way that he detailed for them to break out of the city was to steal a list of assignments to the different checkpoints around the Dock district, and sneak their way around the least occupied checkpoint. Unfortunately, there is a more likely of a chance that the group has to encounter innocent men, not involved with the gang war between the two guilds.

Naturally, the death of several more city officials would leave a bitter taste in their mouths, so they chose to move through the crypts. Pan informed them that he does not have access to where exactly the crypt entrance is located, so Cora Wittlewood went to a local tavern around the cemetery and began to ask around, with the help of her friend Firah Tyrettln, and learned many things. First, the caretaker works most hours of the day and night, taking a special tonic that keeps him awake, and sleeps only for four hours a day, two after dawn and two after dusk. Then, they found out that he frequently checks on a certain mausoleum every hour that he is working.

The band of outlaws waited for just before dusk, and made their way to the cemetery, moving through the crowds of courtesans and beggars that frequent the area, eventually making their way to the graveyard. Cora, attempting to sneak in undetected, attempted to pick the exterior lock to the graveyard, but found it broken after years of disrepair. Trying to find another way inside, Senten Moor pulled the bars aside, making some noise, and allowed Cora to squeeze her way inside.

Not risking breaking another lock on the inside of the gate, and wanting a key to the rest of the cemetery, Cora made her way slowly to the caretaker’s hut, and sneaked inside. Lifting the keys off of the mantle, she made her way back outside and unlocked the door to the cemetery from the inside. The rest of the group followed her, in addition to Pan and Boxer, making their way quietly across the grass of the cemetery, towards the mausoleum that were detailed in the information they gathered.

The mausoleum, made of marble and etchings of a dead language over the archway of the door, was made extremely sturdily, obviously made to keep something inside, rather than keep something outside. Moving the door and its bar aside, the party then spent several minutes trying to analyze the sarcophagi in the tomb. Moments pass, as the look over the dusty area, undisturbed for hours and accumulated over years, before finding out that the fingers of the sarcophagi pull out. A little confused, they pulled the fingers of every single sarcophagus in the room, when suddenly the lowest one in front of the door slides into the wall, revealing a long dark staircase leading down.

At this point, they give the key to the cemetery to Pan and instruct him to get the key back to the caretaker, and then provide cover for a little bit by distracting the members of the town watch. Then, lighting a few torches and drawing their weapons, the descend down into the darkness. For the first few minutes of exploration, they came across nothing, besides the coffins inlaid every few feet into the walls of the catacombs. Careful and cautious, they progressed further into crypts, coming across two doors that presumably accessed the same room.

Inside, to the paralyzing horror of Senten and Boxer, was a mummy, wrapped in centuries old cloth, and protecting its burial grounds from the intruders. A desperate fight ensued, with Cora and Firah drastically attempting to battle it without the fighter or the cleric, who preferred to take his own path out of the city and buy them more time as he went around, or their mysterious guest. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the monster, it shrugged off blows left and right until the two others were able to move again. Using a cluster tactic, they overwhelmed the mummy, moving the battle to a standstill.

Finally, after the group released its weakness to fire, the party managed to beat down the mummy using their torches, primarily Cora and Senten. Unfortunately, Senten and Firah ended up contracting the dreaded curse of the mummy, impairing them severely throughout the rest of their trek through the catacombs. Moving on, they went further down, exploring some passages until Firah heard the most curious sound…

Following the yipping and reminiscing of her childhood hound, Firah moved towards the sound restlessly with the rest of her fellows following behind. Eventually they stop her when she reaches the door, and not wanting to set off any traps, they decide to burn the wooden door to the ground. Afterwards they found the source of the yipping, a dozen zombified kobolds.

Frustrated at the sound the kobolds made, Firah led the charge against the beasts with Senten at her side, killing a good half by herself, in conjunction with a fire trap that she and Senten emulated using oil and a torch, but during the battle, Cora lost her rapier (again) into the ever growing pile of bodies in front of them. Within minutes the battle was over, and the dying embers of the trap faded away as they began to loot the bodies. Following another passage, saving a lone door in the kobold room for last and backtracking a little to further explore the crypt, they moved on.

Inside a small, square room with the statue of some sort of god on it, they found one of the most hideous creatures they have ever seen. The skeleton of an owlbear, lost and killed inside the crypts and forced to protect it from the party, and any other sort of graverobber. A fierce battle took place, but one that proved easier for the group than that of the mummy, with it ending as the bones are cast aside and the spirit of the beast allowed to move on.

Doubling back to the door in the kobold room that they left behind, they continued and finally found their salvation. Past the door, there is another small chamber, with sunlight pouring down a long staircase like one they found underneath the mausoleum. However, silhouetted in the sunlight, was another mummy, with an amulet draped over its neck and jewelry glittering in the sunlight as it provides one last attempt at protecting the catacombs.

Because the group fought the previous mummy and learned its weakness of fire, this mummy proved no threat. However, the sheer presence alone frightened Firah and Cora, leaving Boxer and Senten to face the monster alone. Acquiring the curse from the beast, and coming to an inch of death before Cora and Firah could recover and rescue him, Boxer aided in defeating the mummy. Once the fight was over, Cora examined the amulet and remembered tales that she heard at the tavern about the riches of the founding members of Elukin, and how one was buried with a magical item that allowed him to convince someone of anything. Taking it, they ran up into the sunlight, and began to continue their journey to the Consulship of Aldoreni to deliver the book of evil they acquired what seems like lifetimes ago….



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