United Halls

The United Halls is a conglomeration of the Dwarven city-states and clans that number around the mountains in the northern reaches of Malidor, with numerous halls being located around the mountain known as “The Spire.” Each of the noble dwarven clans located in each city, with the average city holding anywhere between five to fifteen noble clans, send their eldest functioning member to special sessions of government, on matters that concern the nation as a whole, otherwise the cities take it upon themselves to function independently.

Culture wise, the United Halls has none. Rather, each individual city adopts their own artistic expressions and fashions, with radical changes from place to place. The only real cultural ties they have to one another is the innate dwarven love of metals and fine gems, as well as stonework, often depicted in magnificent statues located around the entrances to the cities.

Contrary to the human land of Fyndin and the elven Consulship of Aldoreni, politics is a key factor in most of the affairs in which the Noble Court has to decide matters on. There are two heavy weight contenders in the Court, with the Stormgehr Clan and the Sordrik Clan. The lesser nobles have to delicately make their decisions so as not to anger these two clans, or fully back one side and hope for the best. Due to this, most matters of national importance, beyond warfare with the denizens of the dark, or at an impasse in the Court.

The United Halls Army, contrary to the political scene of the city, is one of utmost respect in all the realms of Malidor. While each city houses their own militia and army, they are required to send their best officers and foot soldiers to the conglomeration, resulting in one elite fighting force. Though the training each city offers their military is slightly different, the officers within the United Halls Army prefers to send new recruits immediately into the fray, and be tempered by battle rather than schooling. There is no standing Navy at the present time, due to the dwarven disdain of the sea.

Government: Patriarchal Oligarchy
Ruling Body: Noble Court
Number of Cities: 5 major, unknown minor
City Governments: Council of Clans
Population: Unknown
National Military Force: 13,000 combined soldiers

United Halls

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