Royal Knights of Fyndin

The leading military force of Fyndin, the Royal Knights consist of two major ranks: Knights and Squires. Squires, being the apprentices and cannon fodder, usually double the amount of Knights there are in any given conflict. In order to become a Knight, one must experience three major conflicts, or be given the recommendation by a Knight Errant. Knight Errants are usually the de facto rulers of any detachments, and only a few KEs are allowed per garrison, usually only one unless its a major city, in which the limit is 5.

There are two major divisions of the RKF are the Internal Pacification Division and the External Defense Division. The IPD contains 2/3 of the number of Royal Knights, but most of those are the lesser trained. Once the brigade is deemed “worthy enough”, they get moved to the EDD, and received advanced training in the environment they are stationed at, most of the time in mountainous terrain along the border of the Frontier.

The number of soldiers that is considered under the military does not assume the local town guards and baron’s soldiers, as they are considered in “reserve” and may become squires at any point, once given the order.

Leader: Knight Commander Hawke
Leader of IPD: Knight Captain Falcus
Leader of EDD: Knight Captain Cosades
Notable members: Waltin Mayler

Royal Knights of Fyndin

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