Fyndin is the ruling body of humans in the south western area of Malidor. The government consists of the King, King Olphus the Wise, and his various advisers. These advisers consist of many different specialties, including the nobles, the leading officers of the Royal Knights of Fyndin, but the most influential group is the Mage’s Council, based out of the Aelud landmark, the Ivory Tower.

Although all decisions are made by the King, in the past fifteen years, more and more decisions that are made bear the recommendation of the Mage’s Council. The Council remains anonymous for security and liability purposes, but those that are wealthy always seem to have some sort of connection to the Council.

With the largest military in the continent, Fyndin is easily able to repel any foreign invasion, such as the small border conflicts that occurred between the bandits of the Frontier, and the brooding members of the Underdark. However, due to the human nature of the residents, problems with the government occur frequently. As a result, rebellions and revolutions occur quite frequently, making the RKF used more for internal domestic issues rather than external security.

List of Leaders

Government: Feudal Kingdom, with an advisory panel, consisting of most specialties.
Ruling Body: King Olphus the Wise
Number of Cities: 5 major, unknown minor.
City Governments: Varies, usually led by mayors. Major cities are traditional the home of the local Barons who control the policies of the land surrounding the city.
Population: Unknown
Military Force: 400,000 to 700,000


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