Freton. The only major city not affiliated with one of the three governments of Malidor. Freton holds cordial relations with the United Halls and the Counsulship of Aldoreni, however ever since the revolution that separated Freton from its host country of Fyndin, relations have been described as bitter, at best. Freton is the economic hub of all of Malidor, with caravans using the town as a go between the different nations. Naturally, one day someone decided to set up their own marketplace that catered to the caravan drivers, and well, they stayed.

Ever since then, the economy rose through the roof, but as the money grew, so did the crime. Housing the largest criminal presence in all of Malidor, every act of criminal misadventures is here. Prostitution, murder, racketeering, blackmail, the works. The local government deals with the Thieves’ Guild, in varying ways. Sometimes, it works with them, sometimes against. Either way, they maintain cordial relations.

Otherwise, nothing noteworthy occurs, as everything gets swept under the proverbial rug, either by the guild, or the government, or the various corporate entities that exist in the city.

City Government: Technically nonexistent, but the major corporations take the decisions into their own hands, and provide their own law.
Size: Large City
Population: Unknown
Sources of Income: Crime, Caravans, Supply Routes, Fishing, Lumber
Local Garrison: N/A Though thousands of corporate guards that act as a city watch/soldier
Trade Routes To: Practically Everywhere


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