The Break

For several weeks now, the party, with their new addition of Firah Tyrettln, has been traveling towards the Consulship of Aldoreni, and towards the city of Elukin, which is close to the border between the Kingdom of Fyndin and the Consulship. On the outskirts of the city, where they can see the lumber workers and miners of the wilderness surrounding the city, they found a curious sight, a man stepping out of the bushes.

Calling himself Vorik Lamont, he claims that he is on a mission from the Baron of Detoc, who assigned him to the party when they had to adventure to the monastery, weeks ago. Following them from then on, he finally was able to meet them face to face, and tell them of his intentions, and how he sensed the evil emanating from the group. They vaguely mentioned the book in their possession and welcomed him into the group and carried on in their travels.

Walking into the city of Elukin, they made their way to the market district, where they each made purchases including a cloak, Senten Moor got his bear pelt made into a tailor made cloak and hood, and various other weapons and armor. Cora Wittlewood, venturing around the area, encountered a small child, who stole her money and ran into an alley, forcing the Halfling into pursuit. Calling out for her friends, they all converge on the alley and encounter a man who identified himself as Pan. Offering them a job, he asks the party to break an important individual by the name of Boxer from being falsely held by a rival thieves’ guild’s lackeys in the town watch jail. He later elaborates about a gang war that is being waged in Elukin between a new thieves guild and the old one, and attempts to bribe Corah with information that she needs.

After they left the alley, the came across another individual by the name of Dearden who offered them the same job, but instead of bribing Corah with the information, he threatened Firah with the release of information that would lead to bounty hunters finding them.

Seeking information on the history of the city and the city’s penal system, Vorik journeyed to the Chapel of Heironeous and looks into the past. For centuries, there has been an unknown creature that resides in the sewers, something that no one has been able to identify or kill. Whilst he was gathering information from this source, Cora tried out in contacting the criminal underworld not affiliated with either guild. Finding an import-export operation that has had men imprisoned before, they tell her that the warden is bitter and resentful of most people, and one of his underlings, Marlyn, likes to spite the warden by doing things he’s not supposed to, as well as there is an off-the-books dungeon at the bottom of the prison used for torture.

Setting out, the group goes off towards the prison to try to get the lay of the land, as well as possibly an illicit meeting with Boxer. Needless to say, Marlyn did not like a member of the criminal class trying to sneak a meeting, so he denies Cora access to the prisoner. Using a different avenue of approach, Vorik talks to the warden and uses his credentials with a investigative religious group to gain access to Boxer.

Secretly,Vorik casts a spell that forces people to tell the truth around him, and questions both the warden and Boxer, to figure out why Boxer is in custody. Subtly, it gets shown that while Boxer did commit a crime, the warden and the rest of the guard arrested the man without sufficient evidence.

Revealing the information he found and the layout that he saw of the prison to his comrades, they set out to create a plan to break in. Eventually, they settled on scaling the rear walls using climbing equipment and moving to the main holding cells to get him out. Buying the equipment they need, and a few explosive runes, the party sets out to free the semi-falsely imprisoned man.

After some initial difficulties, the group managed climb over the wall and alerted a prisoner in his windowed cell. Offering to show a guard one of the pieces of paper with an explosive runes, as long as they break him out from his imprisonment. Wondering why he is in prison, he reveals that he is a political prisoner that goes by the name of “Red-Eye.” Believing his story, they give him a slip of paper and he proceeds to kill one of the guards.

The other guards went to investigate the explosion, and Senten and Vorik fired upon the two of them with their bows. Eventually, they finished off the two of them and saw in the open training ground ahead, the warden assembling all the guards to wage an attack on the group.

Trying to appeal to the warden’s sense of honor, Vorik challenged him to honorable single duel between him and warden. Honor-bound, the warden accepted the duel and ended up victorious, after a bitter battle. Not willing to accept defeat and imprisonment, Cora attacked the warden, and a fierce conflict ensued. Using his wits, Vorik managed to stop the battle long enough to “remember” a warrant that allowed Boxer to be
transported with them.

It took one second. One second to read one word. But reading that one word activated the spell that caused an explosion which killed every guard except for two, which were shortly killed by the others. Looking for something while the others went to go rescue Boxer, Vorik went into the warden’s office and found a letter of intimidation that implicated the warden’s family being held by a man named Cicero.

With Boxer and Red-Eye in tow, the group ran into the sewers as means of escape. Inside, they met the beast down under, a horrid mass of submerged tentacles that chased the group for quite a while and pulling a few of them under. Thankfully, those that fell managed to climb back up and onto the walkway. Just in time to meet a very angry large spider.

One short fight later, they managed to get back to the surface and the inn in the harbor district they rented before the heist, and laid low and rested and recuperated. While they did so, Pan, the contact in the old guild, stopped by and collected Boxer and gave them honorary memberships in the guild, complete with discounts in illicit businesses and access to guild services.

Firah and Vorik spurned the memberships, but did not deny them knowing the usefulness of guild contacts in the city. Senten decided to take the membership at full level, knowing that they can progress if they so pleased. Calling a favor from the guild already, Vorik asked Pan to protect the warden’s family, which he accepted.

As this was going on, the guards of Elukin put the entire city on lockdown, placing guards at every gate, blocking all but the most essential ships from leaving the harbor onto the huge salt water lake. Checkpoints are made all over the city trying to find the four that broke into prison and slaughtered the guards. Now, the group needs to break out of the city…



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